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This section of TRANSMATRIX.NET contains pictures from parties, vacations, and wherever else I remembered to take the digital camera.

In order to view a group of pictures, click on the drop-down menu above (labeled "Picture Selector") and select the group you would like to view.  This will open the picture group, or another menu if there are multiple sets of pictures under the category you selected.  If it opens a menu, click on the thumbnail of the corresponding set you would like to see.

The sets of pictures are displayed as thumbnails with captions.  In order to see a larger version of the picture, click on it and the larger picture will open in a pop-up window (you may have problems with this if you are using pop-up blocker software).  To view another picture, you can either close the pop-up window and click on another thumbnail, or you can use the navigation provided in the pop-up window to cycle through the set

To change between sets, use the "PREVIOUS" and "NEXT" navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen (only available within multi-set picture groups), or use the drop-down menu to select another picture group.