Did you miss me?

August 19, 2004

So much to write... (It has been awhile, huh?)

You may notice that I seem to have a little less space here.  I have added something called a "moblog" off to the right.  What is a moblog?  Well, what I am writing here is usually called a "web log" or a "blog", and off to the right is a "mobile blog" or "moblog."  It makes sense, right?  You see, I recently upgraded my mobile phone to one of those fancy color ones with a digital camera built into it.  I set up an account on a website called Buzznet that set me up with an e-mail address and a means to host images from my phone.  So, I can now take pictures, e-mail them to my Buzznet account and then they will show up on the right.  Pretty cool, huh?  Only the five most recent ones will show up on the right as thumbnails.  If you click on one you will see the larger version, and you will be able to view the entire gallery.  So, check back often to see random pictures I take with my phone...

Today is Heather's 25th birthday (Happy Birthday, Babe!)  I'm taking her out to dinner tonight (something we haven't done much since we bought a house...), and tomorrow we are celebrating her birthday with Ginny and Holly.  Don't forget to call and wish her a happy birthday!  (Oh, and if you haven't gotten her a gift yet, you can check her very sparse wish list or just send her a gift card.  She said that there isn't much she wants right now, just stuff she'd like to buy for the house...)

We haven't done any painting since we moved in (except for doors), so that is something I would like to take care of soon.  We still need to paint the living room and the family room.  I have, however, done quite a bit of stuff around the house.  Since we moved in I've replace the doorbell and doorbell transformer, have hung 3 towel bars, one towel ring, and a tp holder, I've replaced the hardware on and hung 4 doors. I bought a mower and weed eater and have attempted to maintain our front yard.  I replaced the shower diversion valve in the hall bathroom (thanks for answering my questions, dad) as well as the showerhead (Heather wanted a new one...).  I replaced the valve in the wall behind our refrigerator for the icemaker and filtered water (that's actually a fairly interesting story, I may go into it later...).  I also set up our new high-speed internet which required some re-wiring of the cable system.  I've done other stuff, but they aren't coming to mind.  Ah, the joys of owning a house...  (Actually I do enjoy owning a house, because doing all this stuff carries with it a good feeling of satisfaction of a job well done)

I'm still alive...

August 6, 2004

I've been really busy with stuff on the house.  We moved in last weekend, and I no longer have internet access at home, so that makes it a bit difficult to update my web page...  I have ordered Cox internet, so hopefully that will get connected soon.  Sorry for the lack of updates, please bear with us as we get settled.

Oh, and there's a new poll on the main page, get voting!