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John Scalzi at 2010 Phoenix Comicon
John Schneider at 2010 Phoenix Comicon
Wil Wheaton and John Scalzi - 2010 Phx Comicon
Wil Wheaton Awesome Hour at 2010 Phx Comicon
James Marsters at 2010 Phoenix Comicon
Star Trek: TNG Reunion at 2010 Phoenix Comicon
Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day - 2010 Phx Comicon
Stan Lee Panel at 2010 Phoenix Comicon
Kevin Grazier at 2010 Phoenix Comicon
Kevin's PodcampAZ 2009 Presentation
Woodpecker at Our Hummingbird Feeder
Excitable Puppy
New New Camera
New Camera
The Magic Number
What He Said...
PodCamp AZ Wrap Up
A Day of Reckoning
Sweet and Sour
What Nintendon't
Firefox 3: It's Got What Geeks Crave
Jonathan Coulton Concert
Get Your Guitar Hero Fix Here
A Dance With Dragons
The MacBook in the Meeting
Happy 18th Birthday, Holly!
Flying From Phoenix to Boston
Broken Headphones
Strong Bad Coming to the Wii!
Is This Cute or What?
Activision's Peace Offering
The Rumors Are True: I Bought a Mac
Cool Wildlife Photography
Scratching the Itch
Condoned Stalking
For the Star Wars Fans
Nurse, 919 CCs of Awesome, Stat!
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Peter Jackson to Produce "The Hobbit"
Marijuana PSA
Everybody's Nintendo In Japan
Fight the Power!
The Imperial Boogie
Good Advice From Penny Arcade
That's one Gutsy Gibbon
Super Mario Galaxy Trailer
Geek Jokes Rule
Woot Off!
New Guitar Hero III Songs
Hey, Don't Touch Link There!
Podcast Research Update
Get Your Butt Kicked By a Random Stranger
Weird Al Is A Fricking Genius
Geeks Rule and Rock at the Same Time
Holy Crap I Want One of These
Best Robot Chicken Clip Evar!
A Fresh Coat of Wax
One Serving of Audio Delight
Crazy Like [a] FOX...
George Takei Loves Tim Hardaway
Worth It
Get Firefox 2
Puppy Pics
White and Nerdy
Microsoft Patches VML Exploit
Security Bulletin: Windows XP Exploit
Hacking a Pair of Pants
I'm Hitting the Betas This Week
Wii News: $249.99 on November 19th, 2006
iPods Don't Like Water
Our New Toy
An Old Video
New Box and Tube
Transmission Re-established, All Systems Go
Beta Version of My New Photo System
The Year of Tech: 2006 (Part 2)
Harrison Fjord
I'm Working Towards My Blackbelt in Geek-Fu
The Year of Tech: 2006 (Part 1)
Check Out the Hot Poll Action
The Virus has Reached Critical Mass
Live and Portable Music
Transmatrix.net v3.0
Pictures, as I promised
Around the House
Huh, Summer's Over?
The Plan
Got Nano?
MythTV and CAT5e: Geek Paradise
Pod People
Look, In The Sky, It's a New Post!
Block Begone!
New Toys
Dancing Freak v1.1
Dancing Freak
Flix for free!
Anti-Gravity: A Quick Pick-Me-Up
Hearts and Tunes
Finally, some 'aught five crap
Snake Eyes
Happy Berfday to Me
Now With Less Carbs
Sweat and Tears
Trial and Tribulation
Did you miss me?
I'm still alive...
This New(ish) House
New Homeowners
My Bike
Happy Anniversary to Us!
The Fake Sound of Progress
We Bought A House!
On the Table, An Offer Is
Homeless But Happy
That's Listed, not Listless
Kevin "The Toolman" Kittredge
Be Vewy Vewy Quiet, We Be Hunting Howses
Great Taste and Less Filling
Dead Air
Aesthetic Changes
A new home on the horizon
Much Better
Stupid technical problems
More Florida Pictures
What do I need insurance for?
New Year's Eve 2004 Pictures are up
My First "Post" (as Kev calls it)
Already ready already
New site design
Last Weekend
My Picture is published!
And even more pictures!
New Pictures!
First post since Florida
Happy New Year!
More PQ monitoring
Grad Pics
Of spiders and rings
Intoxicated Posting
Bits and pieces
New Host
Go Speed Racer!
Pfaulty Pfaucet
The Two Towers Platinum Edition!
Tennessee Trip
PQ Monitoring
Fair and stuff
TV Strife
New Music
My First Entry