Dancing Freak v1.1

March 11, 2005

He's been upgraded a bit: (Click here to open in new window)

Dancing Freak

March 11, 2005

I've been playing around with flash some more. Check out what I made: (Click here to open in new window)

Flix for free!

March 11, 2005

Try Netflix free for a month.  I guess normally they only give you a two week trial, so this one is a bit longer...  Anyway, I think Netflix is an awesome service.  Heather and I don't have cable, but we still get to watch the good shows (and w/ out commercials!) when they come out on DVD.  In addition, no late fees and not having to drive to the movie rental store are other great benefits.  If you're curious, you can go to their web page and search Netflix's DVD database to see what they have available.  So far I haven't found a movie I wanted to see that they didn't have.  I mean, where else can you find Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?

The concert on the 5th was fun.  The lead singer for Unwritten Law is pretty odd, though.  He was wearing red/pink nail polish, pinkish eye shadow, eye liner, and his pants were falling off of his ass.  Actually, his pants were off of his ass and were being held up by a force can only imagine must be anti-gravity.  It was either that or friction, but anti-gravity sounds cooler.

At my place of employment, we have something called an IPP (Incentive Pay Plan).  Essentially, if our company makes a certain amount of money over our fiscal year, we get a "bonus".  Our fiscal year runs from May to April, so it is coming to an end sooner than later.  In addition the company ending up enough in the black, another requirement for receiving a bonus is that we have to come up with a personal goal with emphasis on customer service, safety, or making the company money.  This year my goal was to create an online tutorial for a product offering that allows customers to view power quality and energy data for their facility over the internet.  I accomplished this using Macromedia Flash (my first foray into this software) and it has dominated the majority of my time over the last few weeks (even evenings at home...).  If you would like to take a look at the (mostly) finished product, check it out here.  Let me know what you think, it has been a lot of work and any comments would be appreciated.

Home improvement projects: I have installed a vice out in the garage, and replaced the valves knobs in our hall bathroom.  I may post pictures later, but not until I get off my butt and post all the other pictures I have been slacking on...

Recent movies I've watched: North by Northwest, Super Troopers, Fargo, Cowboy Bebop (Vol 2)

Recent books I've read: Chainfire, Ender's Shadow

Song I'm listening to right at this moment: Tegan and Sara, Walking With the Ghost