Check Out the Hot Poll Action

November 22, 2005

I decided to put the poll at the bottom of this page instead of the top. So scroll on down and vote on this month's poll! (Or, just click here)

My site re-design has now spread throughout my entire webpage. For the most part, except for my blog, this has only been a face lift. I have some ideas about how I'd like to revamp the backend as well (putting my picture information in a database, for one thing). If I put the pictures in a database, I could enable you to do something like search for "Laura" and return all pictures that my little sister is in.

Now that I have my iPod, I think I'm going to give that space above to the poll. I had considered getting rid of the poll, but Heather said she liked it and that I couldn't stop the poll.

And remember, You Can't Stop the Signal. (I'm talking to you, Sony)

Live and Portable Music

November 21, 2005

If you look at my progress bar above you can see that I finally acquired enough money to purchase an iPod Nano. Anticipating this development, I ordered it from the apple store last week. There's a bit of a funny story involving that, too. When I received shipping confirmation I went to check FedEx's tracking page. It said that my iPod had shipped and that it was shipping out of "SHENZHEN CN". I was wondering what state CN stood for (Connecticut?), so I went to google maps and put the "city and state" in. Google returned a result, but said that it didn't have images for the zoom level I was at. So, I zoomed out until I realized that CN stood for China...
Apparently I was getting the item straight from the factory. Over the next two days, my iPod went to Anchorage, Indianapolis, and then to Phoenix. So far I'm enjoying my new portable audio device immensely.

Last Thursday, Jeff and I went to go see mc chris in concert. I am sure that you are not familiar with the nerdcore hip hop stylings of the mc chris, but he rocks. Half the fun was going just to listen to his hilarious routine on stage, the other half was of course to hear him perform live. Some of his songs didn't seem to translate too well to the live scene, but others did splendidly. I also picked up a shirt, a poster (that he signed for me), and shook the mc's hand. The concert was in a dive place in downtown Phoenix (off of Grand Ave), but again I think the performance was well worth it.

If I don't post again prior to Thursday, Happy Turkey Day to everyone.