If you've never seen Robot Chicken, you're missing out. A lot of it is pretty adult themed (it plays during Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" time slot), but this clip is safe for all ages. The show is stop-motion animation and is the brain child of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. If you listen, you can tell that Seth does a lot of the voices. Other actors also tend to voice caricatures of themselves. For example, both Burt Reynolds and George Lucas have lent their voices to the show on separate occasions. Playing a voice on Robot Chicken also appears to be the "hip" thing to do for younger actors like Mila Kunis (a regular on Robot Chicken) Ashton Kutcher, and Jon Heder.

I really enjoy the show, and if you get Cartoon Network I suggest checking it out. Just be prepared for a bit of low brow humor now and again. If you like South Park, you'll probably like Robot Chicken...

If you want more info about Robot Chicken, check it out on Wikipedia.

A Fresh Coat of Wax

August 25, 2007

I got a bug in me a few days ago to update the look to the website. I also upgraded to the latest version of Movable Type. I found a css template from the Open Source Web Design site and manipulated it to fit my needs. The site should be completely transitioned to the new look, so if you find a page that doesn't look right, please shoot me a note.

Heather and I have been consistently releasing episodes of A Geek and His Wife and we just recently hit episode number 10! Go check it out and get caught up if you haven't been listening.

If you didn't know, I also have another podcast/radio show that you can check out here.