TV Strife

September 30, 2003

It's funny... I don't watch much TV, and there are really only two shows this fall that I am interested enough in to go out of my way to see.  Here's where the "funny" part comes in: Both of the shows are on at the same time on the same day of the week.  The cool thing is that both shows are shown as re-runs later in the week so I should be able to tape or watch them both.  (If you are curious, the two shows are Enterprise and Smallville)
I just find it ironic...

Once a week Heather and I rent a movie.  It is our "movie night."  Movie night is usually on Wednesday, but Heather wanted to move it to today and I didn't have any reason to disagree.  Anyway, we rented The Fast and the Furious.  I thought it was a pretty cool movie, and we will probably rent 2 Fast 2 Furious next week.
I still haven't decided whether or not I like Vin Diesel.  He was good in this movie, but I don't foresee him playing any more diverse roles in his career.  He still kind of comes across as a "hard ass" and I usually hate actors like that (Steven Seagal, Sylvester Stallone, etc.)  Then of course, after seeing Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Speed who would of thought that he could become The One?   Speaking of which, I know what movie we are going to rent the week of October 14th...  I am going to try and hold off buying it, because I just know that after the third movie they are going to release some "super, ultimate, directors cut, extra scenes, extra extras" version.

Cool link of the day: Xiao Xiao

New Music

September 30, 2003

I bought a new CD yesterday.  It is by a band called Fingertight.
I found them in my recent foray into the Zia Records' listening stations.  I really enjoy doing that: finding a band I have never heard of, listening to their music, and buying the CD if I dig their music.  It makes me feel like I've found some hidden treasure.  It gives me a sense that I'm not just listening to what they feed me on the radio.  It also allows me to introduce my friends to new music.  (I found Quarashi, Lost Prophets, and H2O this way, too.)
On a similar note, this weekend one of my friends gave me a three-song-CD by her friend's band called Minus 200.  I think the music is pretty dope, and there are links from their web page to .mp3 downloads of their music if you want to check it out.

My First Entry

September 29, 2003

The past couple of days have been pretty exciting.  Two movie trailers have been released, Return of the King, and Matrix: Revolutions.  These are the theatrical trailers, and are each about 2.5 minutes long.  Pretty cool.  Work was pretty un-eventful: I downloaded a monitor in the morning and spent the rest of the time in the office working on a load study report.  Heather and I watched Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me this evening, haven't seen that one in awhile. 

I recently found proof that there is people with way too much time on their hands: badger.swf  (you'll need shockwave flash to see it, click here if you need to download it).  Here's another cool link: Zombies