New Music

September 30, 2003

I bought a new CD yesterday.  It is by a band called Fingertight.
I found them in my recent foray into the Zia Records' listening stations.  I really enjoy doing that: finding a band I have never heard of, listening to their music, and buying the CD if I dig their music.  It makes me feel like I've found some hidden treasure.  It gives me a sense that I'm not just listening to what they feed me on the radio.  It also allows me to introduce my friends to new music.  (I found Quarashi, Lost Prophets, and H2O this way, too.)
On a similar note, this weekend one of my friends gave me a three-song-CD by her friend's band called Minus 200.  I think the music is pretty dope, and there are links from their web page to .mp3 downloads of their music if you want to check it out.