Pfaulty Pfaucet

November 15, 2003

I forgot to mention something yesterday.  One of the "eventful" things that happened this last week was that our kitchen faucet broke.  Now, it has been "broken" for awhile, but last Wednesday it broke permanently.  For awhile now (about 3 years) the faucet has dripped.  This has never really bothered me, though, because it was dripping cold water and I don't pay a water bill.  Also, the drip wasn't that bad.  However, on Wednesday morning, I tried to turn the faucet over to hot and it didn't work.  Finally, I tried to force it over and that's when the faucet broke.  It still would not go over to hot, and when I tried to turn it off a steady stream was still flowing out of the faucet.  So, I turned off the faucet valves and we left for the weekend to go watch the new Matrix movie like I mentioned yesterday.  On Saturday, Heather and I bought a new faucet for around $70 and I installed it over Sunday and Monday.  Installing a new faucet wasn't too bad, but removing the old one was near to impossible.  It was fixed to the sink by bolts going down from the faucet, and a nut and washer holding it in place underneath the sink.  The problem was that the nuts were rusted in place.  I worked at them for a few hours to no avail.  The whole time, bits of rusted metal were falling down on my face.  In the end, I was able to remove the faucet because the washers were so rusted that I was able to break them out.  I removed the old faucet and mostly installed the new one Sunday night, but the water attachments for the faucet did not reach the hot and cold water valves.  So, at that point I had to stop for the night.  I purchased some new attachments at Ace Hardware on Monday and finished the installation.  So, Heather and I are now the proud owners of a new faucet!  Too bad we are only planning on living here for another year...