Bits and pieces

December 3, 2003

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  This year was a little different for me.  For some time now, Heather and I have always spent Thanksgiving with Ginny's (Heather's Mom) friends from college that are now like aunts to Heather and Holly.  However, this year we had
Thanksgiving at Ginny's house and Jenifer, Darby (Jen's boyfriend), and Heather's Aunt Marcia joined us.  It was a nice, laid back day.  I did, however, run my 4 miles in the morning to prepare for the Thanksgiving food...  I have posted some pictures under "Turkey Day" and I also posted the pictures from Halloween.

This last weekend was a nice 4-day weekend.  Heather and I actually braved the crowd to do a bit of shopping on Friday.  I didn't really want to (I had crowds), but after being indoors most of the day Thursday, we just had to get out. 

I ran one of those free credit checks Monday night.  My credit is pretty good:  According to TransUnion, my score is 830/950, and my credit ranks higher than 70.3% of the population.  Also, my creditworthiness falls in the category of Very Good.  Hopefully this means that Heather and I will be able to purchase a house with little trouble and at a good interest rate.

Berkeley Breathed is back in the game!  Check out Opus if you get a chance.  I loved Bloom County, and Outland was entertaining most of the time.  I enjoy Berkeley's wit, and hopefully Opus won't disappoint.