First post since Florida

February 5, 2004

Maybe I should call this section "Monthly Ramblings"...
Sorry about the long time between updates, although my life is probably not very interesting to outsiders so maybe the lack of updates was not missed.  You may have noticed the lack of new pictures.  Well, I feel bad about that, and like a bit of a slacker  So, I am going to make everyone a promise.  Now, I almost never break my promises, so this statement holds some weight:
I will update the site with a set of pictures once a week until I have posted all the pictures I have taken recently.
There, you can quote me on that one.  Heather and I had a great time in Tallahassee, and we already miss our family our there.  I wish that everyone lived a lot closer, or that plane tickets were much cheaper than they are.  I have pictures from Tallahassee, too, so expect those some time in the future.  I had a good time in Orlando (although I missed Heather), and again I will have more pictures.

I built my parents a new computer while I was in Tallahassee (they were long due for a new one), and I think I did a pretty good job for being pressed for time.  If you are interested, here are the components:
CPU: AMD XP2800+ (Barton Core)
Motherboard: ASUS A7V8X-X
Memory (RAM): Samsung 512MB PC2700 333MHZ DDR
Hard Drive: Maxtor 80GB7200RPM ATA-133
Case: Antec SX-1040B II Black Case
Power Supply: Antec 400W
Drive: Sony CRX300A 48x24x48x CDRW/16x DVD-ROM
Video Card: nVidia FX 5600 Ultra 128MB

Work has been extremely hectic lately.  One of my co-workers took a job in another department, and he was one of two guys who knew how to administrate our monitoring system.  Guess who the other person is  That's right, me!  So, I have taken on a lot of new responsibility, and I am doing most of his old job.  I am actually enjoying it for the most part.  I've had my fair share of stress, but I like the new responsibility and power that comes with it and the feeling that I am doing something important for the department and the company.  I have not had any free time at work since I got back from vacation and travel, and it has taken some adjusting and better organization skills to get all of my tasks done.  So far I haven't let anyone down, and I don't plan to.  I think this extra responsibility is an opportunity for me to prove my worth.  Also, I really enjoy the work I do.  In short, work is very busy yet fun and fulfilling.

On the home front, I am getting back into my excercise routine that I was forced out of by the holidays and all my traveling. 
I am not in the same shape as I was before, but I anticipate a quick recovery.  At least I didn't put on any weight.
My CDRW drive took a crap on me, never buy a Phillips CD drive.  This is the second Phillips drive to break on me (the first was a DVD-ROM drive), so apparently Phillips doesn't know how to make CD drives.  I purchased a new Lite-On online ($50 for a CDRW/DVD-ROM drive) but I haven't received it yet.  Not having a CD-ROM drive on my computer is so weird.  I keep on thinking that I'll play a game, but then realize I can't because of the broken drive.  Well, I hear Lite-On is a good brand, so maybe it will last longer than the 2.5 year life of the Phillips drive.  I'm just glad I have my laptop...

Apparently this game is the bee's knees, and is getting game of the year awards left and right.  I must own it!!