My First "Post" (as Kev calls it)

March 26, 2004

Well, here it is my first "post". Nothing important, I just thought I'd elaborate about our experience at Sugar Daddy's since Kevin only touched on the subject.

First, let me tell you that Sugar Daddy's is an indoor/outdoor bar with live music 7 days a week. They're located just North of Thomas Rd on the west side of Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, AZ.

Kevin & I went there for the first time on Saturday (Valentine's Day). We were there from about 5pm - 8pm, and it was surprisingly empty. Mike Mercier was the live music that evening. He is definitely worth seeing again. The whole atmosphere was perfect for Valentines Day. The weather was great, the outdoor lighting was great, the music was great, the food and service was even great. It made for a wonderful evening.

We've been to Sugar Daddy's one other time and that was at 10 or 11pm on Friday, Feb. 27th (for a friend's birthday). It was like a completely different place. It had a nightclub kind of atmosphere. There was a cover charge to get in, the live music was inside instead of out, and it was hoppin' with nightclub type people and music. I don't know exactly when this metamorphosis takes place, but it's obviously sometime between 8pm & 10pm. So it doesn't really matter what kind of person you are or what mood you're in, chances are they have an atmosphere you'd enjoy. I wonder what side of Sugar Daddy's I'll see next time.