What do I need insurance for?

March 29, 2004

When Jenifer moved back out to Phoenix, we put both of our cars on the same insurance plan to save us both money.  (Our insurance company has a multiple-car discount).  Anyway, Jenifer recently took her vehicle off of our policy, and I just received my new 6-month premium.  The bill was for $910!  Well, of course I called my agent and asked him wtf was going on.  It turns out two things were getting us.  One problem was the loss of the multiple-car discount; apparently it was saving us about $200.  The other problem was that Heather's speeding ticket was noticed by insurance company and that was hitting us with about another hundred dollars.  Well, there is a bit of a happy ending.  They hadn't run my credit in about a year, and it turns out I have awesome credit.  My agent told me that a year ago my score was middle to low and now it is super high.  The only thing that really changed that should have impacted our credit was us purchasing a car and we paid off all our credit card debt.  So, now our premium is $680 every six months (comprehensive, $500 deductible).  Not too bad for a male driver under age 25 and a speeding ticket counting against us.  I am not entirely happy with this number, though.  We are going to see if we can get Ginny's (Heather's mom) car on the same policy as ours and then maybe we can pick up that multiple-car discount again.

I have posted the first set of pictures from our trip to Florida.  Go check them out.  Now!