Dead Air

April 30, 2004

It's been a little quiet around this website lately.  I did add a new feature, take a look to the right and you will see the "Monthly Poll".  I thought it would be neat to have a poll here that is changed on a monthly basis.  So, be sure to vote before the time runs out!

The reason it's been quiet here is because of the work I've been doing in secret.  I'm rebuilding the site from the ground up.  No more frames, the entire site is going to be formatted using CSS.  I am also attempting to make the site friendlier to 1024x728 resolution as I am fairly certain that most of the people who visit this site have at least a 17-inch monitor (part of the reason for this month's poll...).  In addition, whenever possible, the site will conform to W3C standards.

Here's a preview of the new site: TRANSMATRIX.NET 2.0
I should be rolling it out sometime in the next two weeks.

Oh, and check this out:  This is the first list of houses that the realtor put together for us.