Great Taste and Less Filling

May 6, 2004

Good news: I got the pictures from our first house hunting foray up.

The pictures from those four houses filled up the 128MB memory card in the digital camera.  As a result, we've decided that we are only going to take pictures of houses we like.  So, after this weekend I hope we have more pictures, but if we don't like any houses, then no pictures.  Also, no more humorous bashing on other people's houses...

The realtors are coming to our place next Tuesday to look it over and make suggestions on what we should improve.  I'm not too excited about the home selling process. It is going to be weird to think that other people are walking through my condo when I'm not home.  Then there's the whole issue of trying to make your place as neutral as possible.  I think I have good taste, but I suppose that is subjective...

Have you ever priced comforters?  Those things are damn expensive!  All the decently priced ones look like poop.  It's like we judge our financial class by quality of decorative bed covering.  What happened to looking at the kind of car someone drives?  I swear, when I look at some of the ugly designs out there I can't help but think that they were designed with the clearance rack in mind...

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So where are the photos from your second foray??

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