The Fake Sound of Progress

June 1, 2004

**Update:  The pictures of the house we bought are up now**

My site is hosted through 1and1.  Well, on the 24th of May they upgraded our PHP to version 4.3.6 and at the same time broke the pictures section of my web site.  I just now figured out what the problem was (with no help from them) and was able to come up with a work-around.  It's funny how they can set one variable to false and cause such a cataclysmic disaster.  If you're curious (and I'm sure you're not, but tough luck I'm talking about it anyway. Skip to the next paragraph if you start to fall asleep...) the problem was that they turned off the automatic passing of session IDs with links.  So, I had to manually add them where I required the functionality of sessions.  I could have gone with cookies, but I would prefer to handle it all on the server level.  Luckily I designed my web page in a way that this fix required minimum typing on my part.

I'm sure that at this time you are wondering what this means for you...  Well, you may have noticed that I had not posted the new pictures for the house we bought.  That is because the pictures section on my site was broken and I needed to fix that before you could see them.  So, now that I have fixed the problem I promise to get the pictures posted and captioned sometime tomorrow.  This should be easy to do because the pictures have been on the web server for about a week now, and all I need to do is label them and create the links.

By the way, I complain about the lack of support from my hosting service, but keep in mind that it is free.  However, if they expect me to pay $10 a month once my free 3 years are up, they aren't going about it the right way.

We had a house inspector over at the house we are buying today.  More on that later...