June 16, 2004

**Update:  The pictures of our empty condo are up now**

I've been meaning to make this post since Sunday, but kept pushing it off.  Well, here it is:

We moved out of our condo last Saturday.  I have no home, now.  No Fortress of Solitude.  At least not for a week...  We are currently crashing at Ginny's house (Heather's mom), and the current occupants are Ginny, Holly, Heather and I.  Well, on Friday Ginny is going to New York for about a week, and on Saturday Holly is going to band camp up at NAU in Flagstaff.  Then, they are going to be back for about a day and then they will be traveling to Indiana until July 16th.  This works out great for Heather and I.  We will have this house to ourselves, our new home closes escrow on June 29th, and I get to walk around in my underwear again.  Our plan is to paint and make other repairs to the house we are buying before moving our stuff over and move in prior to Ginny and Holly getting back from Indiana.  We'll see how it goes.

I took pictures of our empty condo, I'll get those up soon.  Also, the people we are buying our house from backed out of the house they were buying because of some issues with the air conditioner.  They asked if we would push back the closing date by a week and I responded with, "If they're willing to work with us on the roof costs then we will be willing to work with them on the closing date."  Well, they are still refusing to help out with the roof repair costs so we are still closing on the 29th.

My time-table is all screwed up, and it is still going to oscillate awhile longer.  This week Heather and I only have one vehicle.  This messes stuff up completely because Heather gets off work at 2pm and I get off at 3:30pm.  So, I am taking an hour of vacation time every day this week to get off at 2:30pm so that Heather can pick me up after she gets off work.  Next week we will have two vehicles (Ginny's car and our own), so that will make life a bit easier.  Of course, once Ginny comes back from Indiana we will only have our car again.  So my solution is that I am going to buy a motorcycle.  It just makes sense both economically and time-wise.  I will be able to use the carpool lane, motorcycles get about 50mpg, they cost less then cars, and the insurance is about a fourth of a car.  The motorcycle I am planning on buying is a 2003 Honda Magna.  I already have my motorcycle license (I took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner RiderCourse), a helmet (Shoei RF-900), jacket (Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0), and pants ( Joe Rocket Phoenix Pants).  I am planning on starting to shop around for a bike next weekend.