Now With Less Carbs

October 20, 2004

Painting update: One coat to go for the living room and dining area.  After that all that's left to paint is the family room, or maybe it's the living room (I can never keep them straight).  Our sofa is being delivered on Saturday, so I am planning on finishing painting the aforementioned living room this Friday.  I think that what we did with the fireplace is turning out pretty nice.  I wish I had taken pictures of the process to share with you all, but, alas, I was lazy.  I will probably take some pictures of our new coach in our newly painted room, though.

I've finally replaced all the dimmer switches that stupid people installed on the fans in our house.  If anyone is wondering, dimming an inductive load (like a fan) is bad.  If you want to know why, e-mail me, or do a web search on triacs and motors.  The good news is that our kitchen fan (the only one in the house I didn't replace) doesn't buzz anymore, so hopefully no permanent damage was done.

I've uploaded the pictures from Joel's birthday celebration at Ginny's house.  You can check them out here.

Election day is two weeks from yesterday; don't forget to vote!

Feeling benevolent this holiday season?  Donating to children is usually good for the cockles.