Hearts and Tunes

February 18, 2005

I hope everyone had a happy Valentines Day.  Heather and I celebrated earlier in the month by going to see a performance of Aida at Orpheum Theatre.  We also went out to dinner on Valentine's Day.  Whenever this time of year rolls around, I always see people referencing Valentine's Day as the "Hershey Hallmark" holiday.  Well, I'm sure they see their fair share of profit from it, but I don't understand the cynicism.  I mean, do we call Christmas the "Tree farm" holiday?  Do we call Thanksgiving the "Butterball" holiday?  Every holiday benefits business, because people buy stuff.  It's pretty simple.  So why target Valentine's Day?  Most of the people who are complaining probably don't want to spend the money or effort to make their significant other feel special.  Or maybe they don't have a significant other and are hiding their feelings by attacking the holiday.  Haven't you heard that the best defense is a good offense?  Then there are the people who say that there shouldn't be a special day to recognize your significant other, it should be something you do every day of the year.  I agree, but what's wrong with having one day stand out to represent this ideal?  It's not stopping anyone from celebrating love throughout the year.  Anyway, that's my $0.02 on that subject...

Some of Heather's family is in town this week.  Her Aunt Sandy from Storm Lake, Iowa and her Aunt Beth and Grandma Nicolaisen from South Dakota are all visiting.  They represent a portion of her paternal relatives.  We will be spending this weekend catching up and both Heather and I took President's Day off on Monday to have a bit of extra time with them (and each other).  Stay tuned to see if anything eventful happens this weekend.

Back on the fifth of February, Heather and I saw Something Corporate at Marquee Theatre.  Heather and I pushed our way to the front, but then Heather got a little overwhelmed by the heat and the press of people and started to feel faint.  I had to have one of the security guards drag her over the railing...  She started to feel better after she got out of there and we enjoyed the rest of the concert from a bit farther away.

I get to go to another concert on the fifth of March, also at Marquee Theatre (It's my favorite venue).  Jeff and I are going to see Unwritten Law and Denver Harbor.  Also, there's going to be a local band that I saw for the first time at the Jimmy Eat World concert back on December 9th.  The band is called Mink Rebellion, and I think they are pretty awesome, check out their music on their website.  My favorites that are available online are Hitchhiker and Concrete Lake.  At the last concert, Robin Wilson from the Gin Blossoms showed up on stage and sung a song with them.  That was a pretty cool surprise.

Also, since I'm listening to it right now, the new The Used album rocks!  Buy it now! (If you're into that sort of thing)

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