The Plan

September 13, 2005

Okay, I really want an iPod Nano. I have been thinking about how I can acheive this and I came up with a plan:

I normally spend about $15 a week on beer. My plan is to stop buying beer and instead put $15 a week into an iPod Nano fund. Also, my birthday is coming up in 1.5 months, so I will be accepting deposits into the iPod Nano fund as birthday gifts.

In order to make this more interesting, I am going to keep track of the iPod Nano fund status on the main page. Also, Heather has veto power on this idea, so if she doesn't like it I'll have to come up with another one...

(also, if you feel extra giving, or just pity me, you can put into the iPod Nano fund whenever you want)

Comments (2):

At that rate it will take you about 116.666 days, or 16.666 weeks, or about 4.666 months. Think you can go without beer for that long? Maybe you will just visit friends and drink their beer. Better yet go to Best Buy and use one of their 12 month no finance charges plan and pay $5.00 a week, that way you get your new toy sooner and you won't have to totaly give up BEER.

Debt = Evil (look at how often 666 showed up in your comment, creepy huh?) . Besides, I hope to supplement the cost w/ b-day money. So, hopefully it won't take 4.7 months...

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