Condoned Stalking

February 25, 2008


My presence on the internet has always been fairly sporadic. I've been doing this "blog" thing for about 4 years now, but my updates have never been that consistent. (I'd like to think I've been doing a bit better lately, though.) I also have my multiple podcasts, so I definitely do a smidgen of sharing online. I've resisted this thing called "twitter" for some time because it didn't really make sense to me, and I sort of felt that I already had everything covered with my blog and my podcasts.

Last week I had a lot of stuff to get done, and as I am wont to do when faced with a deadline, I started looking for ways to distract myself. The internet was the worst invention for my procrastination... Well, I created a twitter account, and have actually been enjoying updating it since then.

The idea of twitter is very simple. In 140 characters or less you are supposed to answer the question, "What are you doing?" You are encouraged to answer this question often, and the website facilitates this by allowing you send text message updates from your phone as well as typing them into a form on a web page. You don't have to always answer this question, I have found myself musing on things like presidential platforms and the English alphabet. I've had an account for about a week now, and have made 36 updates. You can see them all here. You can also see all of my updates including blog posts, podcast updates, twitter updates, and pictures I take with my phone on my tumblr page.

I may have gone crazy, but now you can all watch me go crazy as you read my "tweets."