Last Weekend

March 23, 2004

I'm always thinking of stuff I want to post on my web page, but when I actually sit down to write I can't remember any of it...

I had an Irish Car Bomb for the first time this last weekend.  If you are unfamiliar with the drink, I will enlighten you.  First you fill a glass with half a pint of Guinness, then you fill a shot glass full of Irish Cream and full of Irish Whiskey.  You then drop the shot glass into the Guinness and chug the whole thing down.  They are pretty good, and they will mess you up pretty bad if you're not careful.  (I wasn't careful).  You'd think I would have learned by now to stay away from hard liquor.  My mind finds it difficult to realize that I am no longer drinking alcohol in beer form, and thus I need to drink slower and wait for the effects to kick in.  No, instead I think, "I'm feeling fine, I can have more," and forty-five minutes to an hour later I'm emptying my stomach of its contents.  So, I am going to swear off hard alcohol again for the time being.  Hopefully, next time I drink it I will remember my hard learned lessons...

The precursor to drinking last weekend was going out to dinner with Chris Murphey and his girlfriend, Desiré.  We went to Carrabba's (awesome food) for dinner, out to a bar and then back to Chris's house.  It was a fun-filled evening.  Heather and I played some air hockey at the bar, while Chris and Desiré played PGA tour.  Heather even took her chances against me in a game of Need For Speed.  It was a quick stop at Albertsons for the Irish Car Bomb ingredients and then off to Chris's house for the consumption.  Again, we had lots of fun.

Have you ever bought a can of Guinness?  There is this little plastic ball in the can that supposedly simulates the experience of getting the beer from a tap.  They call it a "widget" and I guess it contains nitrogen and beer that is released from the ball when you open the can.  Regardless of any of this, the ball calls to you from the can and must be released from its aluminum prison.  Personally, I achieved this with a can opener, but you can utilize any tool you desire.  Once you have your widgets the fun begins.  You can juggle them, see how many you can fit in your mouth, or even throw them at people.  The possibilities are endless!

I've updated the pictures section.  All of the pictures from Las Vegas are up, now.  It's slow going, but I'll get more up as I can.