Tennessee Trip

November 4, 2003

Okay, I've got the pictures of my Tennessee trip up, so I will talk about it now.  I went to Knoxville, Tennessee on business.  I was taking a class at the EPRI-PEAC (Electric Power Research Institute - Power Electronics Applications Center) center in Knoxville.   The class was entitled "Facility Electrical Design Considerations and Issues to Improve Performance."  It was mostly about designing to National Electric Code.   I found it enjoyable and educational (e-mail me if you want more info, most people would probably find it boring...)  Anyway, I flew into Nashville on October 26th around 9PM and proceeded to drive to Knoxville (about 3 hrs away) in the rain.  It wasn't so bad because I had brought two CDs with me, Smile Empty Soul and Fingertight.   My rental car was a Toyota Corolla.  It was a nice car, but could have used a little more power.   I crossed over a time zone on the way and checked into the Signature Inn in Knoxville at around Midnight.

The weather was fairly dismal Monday through Wednesday, but on Thursday (the day I was leaving) the weather cleared up.  Thursday was a nice day, the temperature was around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon (per the digital thermometer in the car!)  Because Thursday was the first clear day, I took all the pictures on my car ride from Knoxville to Nashville.  I stopped a few times along the way to get some pictures sans motion.  The first place I stopped I snagged This picture (one of my favorites).  The second place I stopped was along a river.  Here is one of the pictures I took while there.  The rest of the pictures can be seen by clicking on the "Pictures" link to the left and then clicking on the "Tenn Pics" link.

It was an enjoyable trip, but I was happy to get back home to Heather.