Homeless But Happy

May 19, 2004

Whoa!  We sold our condo!  For the listed price!  And we're keeping our fridge!

We never even made the counter offer.  Our realtor was talking with the realtor of the person who made the original offer on our place and mentioned what we were going to counter with.  Instead of waiting for our counter, they just gave us another offer of the asking price without the refrigerator.  So, we sold this place in 5 days.  Pretty impressive, huh?

So, Heather and I are homeless now.  We have to vacate the premises by June 17th.  In other words, unless we find a home we like and close on it before that time (not likely) we are shacking up with my mother-in-law.  (Thanks Ginny!)  Well, the sell isn't completely in the clear.  The next ten days is the "inspection period."  Assuming they don't find any problems with the place during the inspection, the sale is final.

After talking with the mortgage broker, it looks like we can afford a more expensive place than I originally thought.  However, if possible I would like to keep our monthly mortgage cost to a minimum.  So, I may still have to get a little forceful with our realtor...

Well, I better get back to boxing stuff up.  Oh, one cool thing about the realty company we are selling and buying with is that they have a moving truck.  So, that's one expense we get to avoid (although I guess we are paying 6% of our sale price for the stupid thing).

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Congratulations man, that is way cool! Five days is impressive! ....well NY was pretty cool, I'll hafta tell you about it at work later on...we just got back in tonight. later, Kris

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