Kevin "The Toolman" Kittredge

May 14, 2004

My home improvement projects aren't usually as disastrous as Tim Taylor's, but I rarely take on projects that large.  I think the last big thing I did was replacing the kitchen faucet, and it wasn't too difficult.  The difficult part was removing the old one.  So, when Heather wanted to replace our bedroom curtain there was that moment of panic while I thought about whether or not it was something I could do.  It sounded easy enough, but that initial thought can be deceiving.  I tried to think of the dangers involved in installing a curtain rod.  The only things I could think of was that I might not mount it evenly, or that I would put many holes in the wall while attempting to mount it evenly.  In the end, I decided that it was a task I could undertake and replied to Heather's request in a way that conveyed my deep thought and consideration put into the decision.  I said, "Sure."  If you're curious how this all turned out, check out my Condo Improvement Pictures.